Tuesday, 24 May 2011

News Alert!!! Wally is hurt.

News Flash. Today some students in Room 4 noticed Wally had been injured. A sling was quickly made and he was looked after until our surgeons - Earl and Joselle could operate. (They were chosen for their fantastic skills in Tapestry which we have been doing lately in our classroom.) Wally was very quiet during surgery and faced the pain bravely. He has now gone back to his regular sleepover duties and is feeling a lot better.

Where's Wally at Lucy's house

Wally and I went horse back riding and we had a great time. He helped me
with my homework and then we had tea which  Isabella had made. Wally did not like the peas.
Then we watched TV. We were watching Spongebob. That reminds me, we went to go and see
his house kind of  then. Wally and I watched Shortland Street and we had to clean up. :( We did all the  work and after that Wally was so tired that he fell asleep.  
In the morning I said goodbye to Wally and put him in my bag. :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Where's Wally? At Brittany's house.

Wally came to my house on my birthday.We went to a restaurant. When we got home my little brother liked him  so we had to go to bed after that.In the morning we got ready to go to school and we had to quickly  take a photo for my blog at school while my brother was screaming.

Where's Wally? At Sophie's house.

At my house Wally had a cuddle with my little brother Nico. He did not want to give Wally back to me.When he finally gave Wally back then we listened to the Black Eyed Peas CD and danced. After a couple of hours we watched T.V and did a lot of other stuff!!!.

Wheres Wally? At Niamh's house

Wally came to my house on 11th May on a Thursday.
We had a great time. Wally even played the piano. I made some clothes out of magnetics for him.
Wally had a great time too.

Where's Wally? With Emily at Vileshkas house

On Friday the 13 of May Wally and Emily went to Vileshkas house for a sleep-over. Vileshka and I went to the school disco. We stayed there until 8pm. At 8pm we got a sausage and we ate it then we left. I stayed up till midnight because I could not get to sleep.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Where's Wally now? Fady's house!!!

Wally was hanging around Fady's house for a sleepover.
Wally's been fighting in the WWE ring versing The Big Show and he won. He took the WWE title home.
After that Wally was tired of all that victory so he went to meet his long lost cousins.Wally hadn't seen them for such long time (well never!) Wally was so happy to meet them and he had fun with his BFF's.

Where's Wally? Kruz's house

Hi, my name is Kruz. I took Wally home on Tuesday i watch T.V with wally.I thoght about how to set up my camera shot. I dicided to base my picture on our topic this term which is the Middle Ages so I used my construction set and soldiers.

Wally on the Drums

Here's Wally looking cool on the drums. The drums belong to my brother. I took a photo of Wally on the drums because he looked cute.

Where's Wally?

On Thursday the 6 of May I took Wally home. I showed him to my Mum. aA night I took Wally into the down stairs hallway, put down some carpet for my dog Ollie to sit on then I got Wally and put him by my dog. I got my Dad to take a photo then I took some of Wally on the desk. I took some funny photos of him too.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Where's Wally?

During the holidays, Mrs Wright bought a little monkey called Wally. Wally is about 10cm tall and very cute. Every few days people in our class can take him home to meet their families. They will take photos of Wally and then bring them back to school. It will be interesting to see what adventures he has.