Thursday, 16 June 2011

Where's Wally? - at HB's House.

Hi! I'm Wally and I went to the coolest house yet, HB's house!
While I was hanging around I made lunch, and I realised I really like
I'll miss HB's house but I still had fun.   Seeya.

Kruz's interview of Kirk Penny

Monday, 13 June 2011

Where's Wally? At Shane's house!

Wally came to my house on Thursday. First Wally and I went to Kumon. Wally enjoyed working out the maths sums. After Kumon Wally and I went to drama. Then Wally and I went to cricket practice. Wally swung 3 fours and 1 six and made 20 runs off 18 balls. My batting partner called Ayden and I made 47 runs off 6 overs. After that my mum came to pick us up because Ayden's dad dropped me off at practice. When my mum picked Wally and I up we went to a cafe for afternoon tea. Wally wanted a hot chocolate so my mum ordered hot chocolate and a hot dog for tea. My sister called Shania wanted hot chocolate so instead my mum ordered 2 hot chocolates for me and Shania. After we ate we went home. Before that my mum bought a roll of cellotape for my Medieval model. Wally enjoyed working on the model. Then I took Wally to my room and then we went to sleep.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Where's Wally? At Bronson's house!

On the weekend Wally went to Bronson's house. He was  feeling pretty bored so he went for a cruise around the Remurea streets! He wanted to test out his new sizzling new red car. He also wanted to test out his helmet from his penguin buddy... and all Ican say is that he thought he was pretty cool! He went to the mall and had a ball. After that he had finished his supree he went back to his buddy's place all packed ready for school. TeeHee :)